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Sex on a Honeymoon

Let’s face reality. One of the most looked forward to honeymoon activities is sex. There are two basic truths that go along with this reality. As the honeymoon approaches, the more the anticipation of sex and the honeymoon increases. If the new couple has never previously had sex with one another, or had sex at all, there is a fear the goes along with that anticipation. So when it comes to putting together sex and honeymoon, it is a tricky emotional maze that can be difficult for a new couple to navigate.

The question then becomes how does a new couple approach sex on a honeymoon? The answer is the same as many other marriage related issues. Sex on a honeymoon is the matter of a tender, loving care.

Sex on a HoneymoonOften when one thinks of a wedding, all sorts of things come to mind. There is all the planning that goes into the ceremony. There is all the preparation, not to mention the cost, for the reception. There is the fun of deciding on a honeymoon and making those arrangements. The groom gets to go out with the guys while the bride and her friends play wedding games and open up the sexy lingerie. Wrapped up in all these arrangements is a great deal of stress.

Porn in a relationship

Is your husband watching porn to the point where it’s disturbing your marriage? Are you feeling insecure and highly pained by the idea of him lusting after other, possibly more beautiful women – when you’re begging and crying for his love and attention under the very same roof and in the very same bed he’s sleeping and possibly fantasizing and having erotic dreams about them in?
Pornography is easily accessible these days; I would even go so far as to say it’s almost mainstream. You can buy a girly mag in almost any supermarket, watch italiano porno online, or even rent adult movies at the local video store so long as you’re 18 and up.

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I usually am of the belief that a couple should dictate their own rules and regulations in terms of what is and is not acceptable in their marital bed. However, if your husband watches pornography, this can be a sticky topic. When is he watching too much porn? And when can it get to a point where it can or does affect your sex life together?